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Posted by Demonology Today on Monday, 9 of October , 2017 at 2:52 pm

Published on Oct 6, 2017

+Sleep Paralysis is the Main Topic.
+World news:
-Vaccines-Woman Jailed for refusing her child vaccines. Catholic school imposes mandatory vaccine that contains tissue from aborted babies in it.
-Are the “signs” here for the end of the world?
-Demonic Clown sightings in the UK.
+ Using “Camphor” for Blessing or deliverance??
Personal Experiences are shared relating to (SP) Sleep Paralysis,
“Old Hag” attack. +Tried and truth solutions to end this that has worked for 1000’s of cases.
ANd more… (Two hours)
Hosted- Top Names / Roman Catholic Demonologist Br. Kenneth Deel, OFS, and Sr. Farah Rose Deel, OFS. Featurng: Deborah Glatzel Johnson, Christopher Sampson, Michael Norton, and special appearance by “Jake Johnson” (Deborah Glatzel Johnson’s son)

(2 hours)

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