Demonology Today Radio – “Ask a Demonologist”

Posted by Demonology Today on Sunday, 29 of May , 2016 at 4:00 pm

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Demonology Today Radio SHOW – “Ask a Demonologist” special edition, where YOU ask the questions and
the host answer them! In otherwords, w/ Roman Catholic Demonologist/ Spiritual Warfare Counselors
Kenneth & Farah Rose Deel.

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DEMONOLOGY TODAY is a radio show designed to provide an educational resource for those who want to learn and understand "Hauntings", and Demonic Infestation, Oppression and possession, as well as Spiritual Warfare. Our topics of discussion, as well as our special guests in this area of study will help to provide a valued resource of information in understanding and dealing with Ghost, Demons and Hauntings in general.